What Daily Inspections Are Required After The Installation Of Electrical Fittings

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After the power fittings are installed, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections on the main range of the customer's power receiving device. The inspection range can be extended to the location of the corresponding target. The power fittings manufacturer reminds you: The main inspection range of the power receiving device includes the following aspects.
1. There are multiple types of electricity prices.
2. There are self-contained power supply equipment (including self-contained power plants).
3. There are secondary transformers and power distribution.
4. There are breaches of contract and need to be extended for inspection.
5. There are electrical equipment that affects the quality of electricity.
6. An accident that affects the power system needs to be investigated.
7. Customers need to help with inspections.
8. Other power inspections stipulated by the law.

Aerial Electrical Fitting Regular inspections are required for safe and normal use.

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