Fuse Switch

A disconnect switch fuse Isolating switch is a switching device that switches/isolates loads and distribution boards manually.

It is capable of making, carrying and breaking the specified rated current (including specified overload).

It protects backward electrical loads, safely disconnecting all electrodes and electrical components from the power supply under load.

In addition to the protection provided by the fuse, the Fused disconnect switch also has the characteristics of a load switch and an isolating switch.

It consists of three groups of switchblades and plastic bodies, each group of switchblades constitutes a double break for each phase. There is a gap reserved for bridging fuses in the centre of each set of blades.

The disadvantage of this arrangement is that when the switch is turned on to replace the fuse, the circuit connected to the fused disconnect switch may still have leakage current,

so electricians should use professional protective equipment such as insulating gloves, hard hats, etc. when they replacing the fuse.