A Brief Discussion On How To Store Electrical Fittings

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In order to cater to the current concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, power fittings manufacturers have launched energy-saving and environmentally friendly suspension clamps.
Suspension clamp Composition:
The green circulation suspension clamp series is mainly composed of U-shaped screws, clamp body, pressure strips, etc. The main material used in the main body is PA-G-F-200 modified reinforced nylon composite material, which reduces the loss of the original product.
According to modern incomplete statistics, the total length of transmission and distribution lines in our power fittings is about 20 million km, and because we need to stimulate domestic demand investment in power industry facilities. It is initially estimated that 18.2 million sets of spacers, 24.2 million sets of suspension clamps, and 43 million sets of tension clamps are needed respectively. However, we uniformly use PA-G-F-200 modified reinforced nylon composite materials to manufacture. The hugeness of this market can make our power fittings facilities run safely and quickly, which is indispensable in the eyes of many power fittings manufacturers. However, we need to properly store such a large number of power fittings. Power fittings manufacturers believe that the following points should be noted when storing power fittings: 1. The storage point must be a dry area with good ventilation performance. 2. Similar insulating rods should be placed on the shelf and not in contact with the ground. 3. Insulating gloves are placed in a well-sealed cabinet and stored separately from other power fittings; insulating boots are irreplaceable and should be stored specially for rain and snow use. 4. The tester should be stored in a dry moisture-proof gate. 5. All power fittings have their own can only be used and must not be shared.

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