Power Fittings Manufacturers Analyze The Future Trends Of Power Fittings

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Power fittings are metal accessories that connect and combine various devices, transfer machinery, electrical loads and play a certain protective role in the power system. They play an important role in power transmission and transformation projects. Product quality is not only related to the safe operation of the power grid, but also to the safety of people and property. According to the role of the product, it is usually divided into 9 categories, including suspension wire clamps, tension wire clamps, connection hardware, splicing hardware, protection hardware, wire pulling hardware, equipment wire clamps, T-type wire clamps, and fixed hardware, which are used in power transmission and transformation projects of various voltage levels.
During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the power grid company and the Southern Power Grid Company invested more than 1.4 trillion yuan in the power grid, and the State Grid Corporation's 1000KV Nanyang-Jingmen UHV DC is under construction. The development of power construction has promoted the continuous increase in investment in equipment by production enterprises and the development of new products. For example, cast aluminum adopts die-casting technology, surface shot peening treatment, and the material is also expanded from ZL102 to ZL104 and 101A, which improves the strength and appearance quality of aluminum castings.
Aerial Electrical Fitting Industry experts pointed out that the future development trend of power fittings products will mainly focus on energy-saving fittings for power transmission and distribution lines above 500KV. Such as: aluminum alloy suspension wire clamps, pre-twisted power fittings, damping spacers, equalizing rings, energy-saving anti-vibration hammers and new non-magnetic materials to replace ferromagnetic materials to manufacture ordinary fittings for energy saving. Power fittings companies can only continuously increase equipment investment, adopt advanced technology, improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness.

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