How To Avoid Overheating Of Overhead Ground Wire Tension Clamp

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In the power system, overheating points of high-voltage transmission lines usually occur at the connection points of the current-carrying conductors, while discharge or overheating of overhead ground wires is extremely rare. my country stipulates that 220kV and above transmission lines should be Aerial Electrical Fitting to reduce the probability of direct lightning strikes on the conductors. The open ground wire of the 220kV transmission line usually uses galvanized steel stranded wire with a cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 35mm2 and is placed above the high-voltage transmission line. The open ground wire is connected to the grounding of each tower, and some transmission lines extend the overhead ground wire to the substation incoming line structure. The overhead ground wire is erected in parallel with the 220kV transmission line, and there is induced electricity on the overhead ground wire. Although the induced electricity frame of the overhead ground wire is relatively high, the current is very small and will not cause overheating.

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