A Brief Discussion On The Importance Of Using Electrical Fittings

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In my country's power industry, Aerial Electrical Fitting is widely used for live operations. The insulation of insulating tools will be greatly reduced after being damp, which seriously endangers the life safety of maintenance personnel. The existing measures are to use wooden or iron cabinets or insulating tool storage rooms to store or keep insulating tools. Wooden and iron tool cabinets do not have long-term constant moisture-proof effects and are very susceptible to moisture, but this type of warehouse has large investment, high energy consumption, and slow drying process. Especially for units with few insulating tools, there is no need to build an insulating tool warehouse.

In terms of the characteristics of power fittings, it also has the function of completely non-condensing when the tools are used. It can dehumidify and dry the tools in a timely manner with low energy consumption and economical and applicable methods to meet the needs of rapid repeated use. It also has certain comprehensive functions of dustproof, damage-proof and moisture-proof.

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