The Power Fittings Industry Must Break Through Restrictions And Seek Development

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For enterprises that have grown to a certain scale, on the one hand, the low-price disorderly price war consumes a lot of their energy and strength. Every year, new enterprises continue to pour in. In order to get their own piece of land in the market, they do not hesitate to use low prices as a weapon to expand their territory.
On the other hand, the product positioning is rigid, and everything must be done strictly in accordance with the standards. However, if it is done according to the old standards, the products of all enterprises are the same, and the Aerial Electrical Fitting production process is as many as 17 to 20 processes, and there is no outsourcing. A water flow line is done by the enterprise itself, the overall return on investment is relatively low, and the market advantage is not great.
Enterprises in the power fittings industry generally feel that it is difficult to do. The particularity of the product, the low return on input and output, and the imperfection of the market are still many factors that restrict the development of the industry. However, although they feel the difficulty of development now, they are still full of confidence in the prospects of the industry. The market has a large room for recovery and a large room for development. The future is bright, but the road is still bumpy. How to break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly in the pain is also a huge test. As an electric power hardware enterprise, we are confident that we will break through and seek development in the mid-autumn festival of innovation.

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