Power Fittings - The Use Of Aluminum Alloy Tension Clamps And Insulation Covers

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Aluminum alloy tension clamps are suitable for overhead lines of 10kV and below. They are used to fix aluminum stranded wires or steel core aluminum stranded wires on tension poles. They are used in conjunction with overhead insulated aluminum conductors and insulation covers to provide insulation protection.
Structural features:
The clamp body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy
Smooth appearance and long service life
Easy to install and use
No power loss, it is an energy-saving certified product.
Insulator performance features:
Power frequency withstand voltage: ≥18kV, maintain voltage for 1 minute without breakdown
Insulation resistance: >1.0×1014W
Ambient temperature: -30℃~90℃
Weather resistance: Good performance after 1008 hours of artificial weather aging test

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