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U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line

U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line Description: SMICO's U bolt is also u bolt clamp, or u clamp, just as the name suggests, this bolt for power and telecommunication line assumes a U...
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U bolt
ISO 1461 ISO 9001
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 U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line



SMICO's U bolt is also u bolt clamp,  or u clamp, just as the name suggests, this bolt for power and telecommunication line assumes a U-shape. Like other bolts for the electrical overhead line, U-shape is used for connecting dead end and even power line to the pole. It can be used on both the wooden and concrete poles.

Although they are known as U bolt, they are not all the same. Instead, there are some slight variations in the way that they are designed.

These variations of U bolts are; Round U bolt, Square U bolt, and Semi-round U bolt. All these designs or shapes of U bolts can be used on concrete poles.

U bolts for overhead powerline come in different sizes. The smaller ones are mainly used for connecting ball sockets and tension clamps.

In terms of the construction, our U bolts are made of steel rod. This material is known for being strong and durable. It has a high tensile strength that can withstand external forces.

The steel rod is galvanized with a zinc coating that provides surface protection. The coating mainly protects against corrosion.

Modle Dimension(mm) Rated Farilure Load
U-1240 40 12 45 80 12 35 0.39
U-1440 40 14 60 90 14 35 0.42
U-1470 70 14 70 120 14 40 0.46
U-1670 70 14 70 140 16 50 0.8
U-1870 70 18 80 105 18 60 0.86
U-1880 80 18 60 105 18 60 0.88
U-1890 90 18 60 110 18 60 0.9
U-2070 70 20 90 115 20 70 1.2
U-2080 80 20 70 115 20 70 1.7
U-2090 90 20 90 120 20 70 1.28
U-2280 80 22 90 130 22 100 1.3
U-2290 90 22 100 140 22 100 1.34

U-Bolt Buying Guide

U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line

1.What is U-Bolt?

●When you break it down, a U-bolt may be a bolt bent into the form of the letter “u.” It’s a curved bolt that features threads on each end. Because the bolt is well curved, it fits nicely around pipes or tubing. Meaning U-bolts can secure piping or tubes to support and work as a restraint.

●U-bolts have primarily been wont to support pipework, pipes through which fluids and gasses pass. As such, U-bolt dimensions were measured using pipe-work engineering speak. A U-bolt would be described by the dimensions of pipe it had been supporting. U-bolts also are wont to hold ropes together.

●U bolts are probably the foremost common type of pipe support, but there are many styles within the category.

2.U Bolt Materials

A U-bolt should be strong to perform its work efficiently regardless of the area of application. The strength of any U-bolt for sale is determined by its material.

U-bolts are often made from all types of materials. But they’re usually made from durable metal that’s noncorrosive. Here are some common materials at the guts of U-bolts:

  • Plain steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

So, which type of U-bolt will fit your application? There are many parameters that you can use to gauge the effectiveness of any U-bolt type.

U-bolt experts or even the manufacturers of U-bolts can guide you on choosing the right type of U-bolt.

3.Applications of U-Bolts

As a piece of formed faster, U-bolts have a wide range of applications in different industries. Some of the industries that heavily depend on U-bolts include;

-For supporting piping structures

U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line

-Wire cable

U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line

-In automotive leaf spring

U bolt clamp for power and telecommunication line

4.How are the U-bolts used?

●U-bolts can function very well as a tube or pipe restraint. This means that they keep piping from moving, banging into other structures, and wearing down.

●However, restraining pipes is about quite pinning them down. In some applications, simply holding down piping can cause corrosion at the purpose where pressure plays a major role. When used as a guide, the U-bolt regulates and controls movement without pressing vibrations into a concentrated point. This suggests pipes can move axially, or through the pipe restraint, but won’t bounce or vibrate up and down.

●For Shipping

U bolts also can be used for keeping pipes snug during shipping. Instead of letting pipes soup up and down and break, the U-bolt can restrain pipes while adding a buffer between the pipes and other metals.

●For Elevating Pipes

Another major use of U-bolts is for hanging pipes. Gravity is often technical on piping projects, and therefore the wrong setup can cause corrosion and falling objects. By securing a U-bolt to an overhead structure, beam, or ceiling, you will limit vibrations and secure elevated pipes.

1.Are you a manufacturer? If yes ,where is your factory?

Yes ,we are a manufacturer.Our factory & head office is located in Liushi Town,Yueqing City,the China Electrical City. Have conveniently traffic 25km respectively from Wenzhou airport and railway station,and 5km from 104 national road freeway.


2.How can I place an order to you?

You should supply us the detailed technical specifications or SLD(single line diagram)or relative drawings firstly  email,wechat,whatsapp,telephone..etc. You can contact any of our sales persons in any time for quotation &further communication .


3.What is your payment terms?

Our payment methods are flexible and convenient, such as PayPal, telegraphic transfer, etc.


4.Do you accept OEM&ODM?



5.Where is your main market? How many percentage for your international business in your annual sales?

Our main market is Europe,North South America and South-east Aisa,Exports accounted for over 80%.

6.Are you supply sample?

Yes,we can supply.

7.What’s you delivery time?

Usually 15-30 days.It depends your order quantity.