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Aluminium alloy pole band for wrap on the pole

aluminium alloy pole band for wrap on the pole Description: SMICO‘s pole band is used to wrap on the pole, it is also named pole fastener, pole fastening clamp, pole band clamp, pole bracket. Accord...
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 aluminium alloy pole band for wrap on the pole



SMICO‘s pole band is used to wrap on the pole, it is also named pole fastener, pole fastening clamp, pole band clamp, pole bracket. According to the structure, the pole band includes single offset pole band and double offset pole band.According to the application, there are utility pole bands, telephone pole brackets, and cable pole band. Pole fastening clamps can be used with guy wires. The cable pole band can be commonly used to connect the ADSS and OPGW cable. There is an extended leg on one piece of pole bands. The hole on the extended leg will connect the ZH clevis, U clevis.

Modle Clamp Range Width
Inch (mm)
Range (mm) Inch
RL 8(203) 178-203 7-8 64/50 8/6
9(229) 203-229 8-9
10(254) 229-254 9-10
11(279) 254-279 10-11
CA 8(203) 178-203 7-8
9(229) 203-229 8-9
10(254) 229-254 9-10
DEG 8(203) 178-203 7-8
9(229) 203-229 8-9
10(254) 229-254 9-10
GCA 8(203) 178-203 7-8
9(229) 203-229 8-9
10(254) 229-254 9-10

Aluminium alloy pole band for wrap on the pole


 A pole band is also known as a pole fastener, pole band clamp, and a pole fastening clamp.

They are used more on poles to make sure they are always fastened ideally in supporting pole line connections.

Aluminium alloy pole band for wrap on the pole

In a typical power and utility and transmission poles, there are poles on which other accessories are installed.

Several mechanisms are used for supporting the accessories to the poles. One of these support systems is the pole band.

What is a pole band? How does a pole band work? Which is the best pole band in the market?

These are just some of the questions that you may be having before buying pole bands in China.

But you don’t have to worry as in this guide, I am going to reveal everything that you need to know about utility pole bands for power systems and other utility installations.

Let’s get to that.

What is a Pole Band?

Also known as a pole fastener or a pole clamp, this is a pole accessory that is used for fastening or attaching other accessories onto the pole.

A pole band will provide a platform where you can connect other accessories, devices, or even line connections directly to the pole.

A pole band is wrapped around the pole tightly so that it can guarantee stability when connected to other devices.

Of course, its strength is just one of the reasons why it is capable of performing this task without any problem.

What are the types of Pole Bands for Utility?

Single offset pole band:

This type of pole clamp band is known for its unique square which is right in the middle of the pole band.

Single offset pole clamps further have two distinct sections:

One section in round-shaped with two holes at its extreme ends.

A single offset pole band is used for different purposes of attachment. Some of them include dead-ending, guying, and for mounting secondary racks to the poles.

Like other pole bands, you can buy a standard pole band clamp or a customized pole band.

Double offset pole band

This type of pole band is designed to be used on two lines hence the name double.

With this design, it means that each round of the band has a square section that is strategically positioned in the middle section of the band.

Cable pole band


This is a type of pole band that is specifically designed to be connected with some types of cables.

Two cables that are usually used with this pole attachment hardware are ADSS and OPGW cables.

The pole band features a leg-like extension on one of its sides. There are holes in this extension that are connected to the ZH and U clevis.

Telephone bracket pole band

As the name suggests, this pole band is mainly used for telephone lines.

It provides a point of attachment to the telephone transmission cables to the poles.

Link style pole band

This is one of the most versatile types of pole band. This is because it can be used for a wide range of applications and on different types of poles.

You can use link style pole band steel poles, wooden poles, concrete poles, and steel poles without having to drill bolts on the poles.

Also, these pole clamps can easily accommodate poles of different diameters.

There are two variations of link style pole bands. These are half and full link pole bands.

The linking design allows you to adjust the pole clamp depending on the diameters of the pole.

Pole bands can also be identified based on the number of bolts that they have.

This is where we can have a 3 bolt pole band and 4 bolt pole band.

Key Components of Pole Band Hardware

Here are the main parts of a typical pole band:

-Steel bands: These are the two parts that are assembled around the pole to form a clamp.

-Bolts/fasteners: Fasteners are used for holding the steel bands together around the pole. It can either be a 3 bolt band or a 4 bolt band.

-Holes: Provide the space for the attachment of the bolts so as to complete the connections with the bands.

-Clips are used for clipping or attaching the pole band to the pole.

-Cotter key: This component is mainly found on the link style pole.

Technical Specifications of Pole Bands

Before you buy pole bands in China or anywhere else, there are several technical specifications that you need to be fully aware of.

-Pole band material: Most pole bands are made of flat carbon steel instead of slitting steel. Apart from the strength, carbon steel is easily malleable.

Pole band finishing: The most ideal pole band finishing is hot-dip galvanization.

-Tensile strength: The minimum tensile strength rating of a utility pole band is 560N/NM2.

-Pole band diameter: Pole bands come in different diameters depending on their areas of application.

-Pole band dimensions: You should also know other dimensions such as length and thickness of the pole band before buying.

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