LV-ABC main suspension and earth connection

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LV-ABC main suspension and earth connection

Typical applications:

Mast earthing point connection to neutral

Application variants:

Earthing material (iron,aluminium,cooper) cross section,shape (round flat) mast (concrete,wood,steel)

Network data:

LV-ABC main line: 3x70+54.6mm² insulated earth lead:6mm² Al pole earth lead φ= 6mm steel

Material list:

No. Product name Product code QTY Unit
1 Stainless steel straps 0.7x20 2 meter
2 Stainless steel yoke L20 2 pc
3 Cable tie 9x400 3 pc
4 Suspension clamp ES54-14 1 pc
5 Insulation piercing connector SM2-95 1 pc
6 PG clamp  APG-B2 1 pc


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