Waterproof pre-insulated hexagonal compression lugs

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Waterproof pre-insulated hexagonal compression lugs

These pre-insulated lugs are suitable for insulated stranded aluminium conductors. Stripped cables are inserted up to the end. Crimping according to the marks with appropriate crimping die size over the insulation. The electrical contact and the sealing by the elastomeric ring are achieved during the crimp process. Available with aluminium palm (CPTA) and as bimetallic lug with a copper palm (CPTAU).


Suitable for stranded Aluminium conductors

Mechanical strength achieved is 50%of cable breaking load

Tested for water tightness at a voltage of 6 kV for 30 min in a waterbath

Three die sizes (E140, E173, E215) for all connector sizes

Exceeds requirements according to CENELEC prEN 50483-4 class 1, NFC 33021 and ESI 43-14

A colour code of elastomeric sealing ring allows an easy identification of the cross sections

Inner aluminium sleeve filled with contact grease

Insulation material made of weather and UV resistant polymer

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