Parallel Groove Clamp

3 bolts aluminum Copper CAPG parallel groove clamp for ABC cables

3 bolts aluminum Copper CAPG parallel groove clamp for ABC cables Product information: Parallel groove clamp AL is designed to connect two parallel bare aluminum conduc- tors in low voltage cable l

Model Number:
Conductor Range:
Cu 10-95 AI25-150

 3 bolts aluminum Copper CAPG parallel groove clamp for ABC cables 

Adaptable to use as an oblique tap or parallel connector, the parallel groove clamp (PG Clamp) is designed to connect two conductors in parallel and especially used to hold transmission conductors in parallel in transmission lines.

Made up of high-strength aluminium alloy bolts, the parallel groove clamps are designed to maintain high contact pressure during cooling and heating cycles.

The 396.6, 395.5, and 490.0 are the rotational tightening method for clamp which provides accurate torquing.

The main feature of the parallel groove is its easy installation, simple structure and bolt-type power connector, which makes it a unique product. For a reliable tightening, a spring washer and pressure pad are inserted under the bolt head of the clamp.

The upper and lower regions are the two parts of the connector while they have two parallel grooves to receive the aluminium clamps, which are made out of high strength aluminium. In bimetallic clamps, the high strength electrolytic copper makes the copper clamp.


  • Welded copper
  • Dacromet steel bolts
  • Belleville washers to prevent thermal ratcheting
  • Oxide inhibitor
  • Hot dip-galvanized steel bolts
  • Clamp connector
  • Aluminium bimetal


  • High corrosion resistance
  • The hot-forged finish in aluminium alloy construction
  • Nuts in hot-dip galvanized finished and washer supporter for corrosion protected
  • Copper-based conductors
  • Stainless steel based bolts
  • Holding support of transmission conductors
Model  Conductor Cross-section (mm²) Bolts
CAPG-A1 Cu 6-50             AI 16-70 1XM8X40
CAPG-A2 Cu 10-95           AI 25-150 1XM8X45
CAPG-B1 Cu 6-50             AI 16-70 2XM8X45
CAPG-B2 Cu 10-95           AI 25-150 2XM8X50
CAPG-B3 Cu 25-185         AI 35-200 2XM10X60
CAPG-C1 Cu 6-50            AI 16-70 3XM8X45
CAPG-C2 Cu 10-95          AI 25-150 3XM8X50
CAPG-C3 Cu 25-185        AI 35-240 3XM10X60
CAPG-C4 Cu 35-240        AI 35-300 3XM10X70

 3 bolts aluminum Copper CAPG parallel groove clamp for ABC cables