Power Fittings Overview

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Metal accessories such as iron, aluminum or aluminum alloys widely used in power lines, the connection between equipment and conductors, conductors and wires, transmission line wires themselves and insulators in the distribution devices of step-up substations and step-down substations, and the metal (iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy) accessories used for the protection of wires and insulators themselves are called power fittings.

Power fittings are mainly metal accessories that connect and combine various devices in the power system, and play a role in transmitting mechanical loads, electrical loads and certain protection.
Among them, the power fittings used for overhead transmission lines are called line fittings. Line fittings are used to connect wires, insulators, insulators and poles, and insulators and wires on overhead transmission lines. It must have sufficient mechanical strength and assembly and operation flexibility.
In layman's terms, fittings are metal parts that have the functions of connection, fastening, mechanical load transmission, protection, etc. at the nodes and stress points of the power grid. However, this network has relatively high requirements for the safety of fixed connections at these nodes and stress points, and requires specific specifications and manufacturing processes.
There are many kinds of power fittings with different uses, such as various wire clamps for installing conductors, various hanging rings for forming insulator strings, various crimping tubes and repair tubes for connecting conductors, various types of spacers on split conductors, etc. In addition, there are various types of wire pulling fittings for poles and towers, and the size of the wires used for protection must be coordinated with each other. According to the main performance and use of the fittings, line fittings can be roughly divided into Suspension clamp types: tension clamps, connecting fittings, protective fittings, splicing fittings and wire pulling fittings.

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