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Dear industry colleagues,

We will be exhibiting at the 32nd International Exhibition of Power, Automation and Lighting Engineering (ELEKTRO 2024) in 2024. As the industry's authoritative display platform, ELEKTRO 2024 will bring together the world's top power, automation and lighting engineering companies to discuss industry trends and showcase innovative technological achievements.

Understand the latest technologies and developments in the field of power, automation and lighting engineering worldwide;
Get to know industry elites, expand contacts, and seek common development;
Show enterprise strength, enhance brand awareness;
Explore industry cooperation opportunities and explore potential markets.
ELEKTRO 2024 will feature a number of thematic areas, including:

Power Equipment and Technology exhibition area: covering equipment and technology in the fields of power generation, transmission, substation and distribution;
Automation and Control System exhibition area: industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, robots, control systems and other solutions;
Lighting engineering and technology exhibition area: including urban lighting, architectural lighting, green lighting and other innovative technologies and products.
In addition, ELEKTRO 2024 will also host a series of exciting technical seminars and industry forums, inviting domestic and foreign experts to share valuable experience and cutting-edge views for the development of your business.

Exhibition address: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition time: June 4-7,2024
Booth Room:23F 40-48




We look forward to your visit and let us jointly open a new chapter in the field of power, automation and lighting engineering at ELEKTRO 2024!ELEKTRO 2024



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