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IP66 Waterproof External Electrical Junction Box

The clamshell design of our junction boxes allows for easy access to the internal wiring. The lid can be opened at any time, eliminating the need for troublesome screws and facilitating quick inspections and maintenance. This user-friendly design saves time and effort, ensuring a hassle-free experience for installers and technicians.

Model Number:


SMICO's One of the key features of our junction boxes is their ability to handle larger loads. They are perfectly equipped to withstand heavy-duty applications, making them an ideal solution for various industries. Whether you have simple applications or complex electrical systems, our junction boxes offer a reliable and efficient solution.


L W H Model
100 150 90 IP66 Waterproof External Electrical Junction Box
125 175 90
150 150 90
160 210 100
175 275 110
200 300 130
250 350 150
330 430 180
430 530 200
430 630 230
530 730 250
630 830 280


  • High load capacity: suitable for heavy-duty applications and provides reliable electrical connections.
  • IP66 protection: waterproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor or harsh environments.
  • Flame retardant performance: 650℃ (30s) flame retardant, increasing safety.
  • Wide adaptability: adaptable to -5°C to +40°C temperature range and different humidity conditions.
  • Electrical performance: Supports up to 400V rated voltage and 75A rated current.
  • International standards: Comply with EN 60670 and other standards, with reliable quality.


Application scenarios:

  • Metallurgy and Steel: Suitable for high temperature and heavy load environments.
  • Nuclear and power plants: ensuring the safety of electrical connections.
  • Chemical industry: Withstand the erosion of corrosive gases and liquids.
  • Tunnels and subways: ensuring stable operation of underground electrical systems.
  • Charging Station: Provides a reliable and safe electrical connection.
  • Photovoltaic: Adapt to the outdoor environment and ensure the stability of the photovoltaic system.