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Custom Distribution Boxes

If you need a customized distribution box, come to SMICO. From design to testing, you can customize your distribution box and get a customized solution that suits your power distribution needs.

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SMICO is a manufacturer and supplier of customized distribution boxes in China, providing you with distribution boxes that suit you, which are widely used in various places, including industrial, household, solar protection systems, communications, circuit breaker distribution boxes, etc.


Custom Distribution Boxes


SMICO customized distribution boxes are specially built for diversified fields such as industry, household, solar energy and communications. The product has outstanding features, with RAL 7035 classic appearance, transparent cover design, and 4-way module configuration to meet the needs of different scenarios. Its IP65 high protection level ensures stable operation in a waterproof and dustproof environment. In terms of materials, it uses ABS shell and PC door, with a wide temperature range (-25°C to +80°C), and has halogen-free and silicone-free environmental protection characteristics. In addition, SelHot's customized power distribution boxes can also be drilled according to customer needs and are easy to install. They are your trustworthy power distribution solutions.